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What is an Appraisal?

Appraisals are baselining and measuring events used to capture the current state of an organzation's processes so that the organization can then plan their future improvement activities or measure the progress they have made toward achieving their goals.

Appraisal results tend to look something like the following chart but supported by a lot more information to help the organization understand why certain practices were scored as red or yellow. Different methodologies have slightly differing approaches to scoring and rating.

Appraisal Output

ATKOTT performs the following types of appraisals to meet our client's varying needs:

Benchmark Appraisals 

The Benchmark appraisal is a formal, rigorous appraisal of an organization's processes implementation based as defined by the CMMI Method Definition Document (MDD).  The Benchmark appraisal is the method used to award Capability and Maturity Level Ratings of an organization.

Prices vary by organization and appraisal scope.  Contact us for a quote.

Evaluation Appraisals

Evaluation Appraisals are less formal and less rigorous assessments of your organization's processes based upon the drescription outlined in the same CMMI Method Definition Document referenced above.

Prices vary by organization and appraisal scope.  Contact us for a quote.

Custom Appraisals 

In addition to Benchmark and Evaluaiton appraisals, ATKOTT provides a variety of appraisal services, all of which are completely customizable to meet the needs of the customer.   Some of the past customizations have been to accommodate special organizational considerations, inclusions of multiple models, and multiple types of reporting to suite the organization's specific needs.Contact us for more information or your special appraisal requests.
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