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Consulting Services

ATKOTT provides consulting services which are built around a number of different subjects and are generally tailored to the specific client's needs and situation. Most organizations go through change or improvement cycles which are outlined in the IDEAL model from the Software Engineering Institute.


Organizational Change

Consulting on organizational change usually includes:

Improvement Planning

Planning for process and technology improvements includes support for:

Process Monitoring

Monitoring can include a variety of coaching and organizational support activities including on-going, continuous appraisal/assessment of the organization process development and process deployment activities. Establishing and coaching effective quality assurance techniques.

Process Development

Development of model/standard compliant processes designed to address the integrations required by the organization and leveraging years of process development experience. This includes:

Training and Training Development

Consulting is available for the creation and/or delivery of training programs in areas such as:

Project Coaching

Consulting also includes direct coaching support to programs on their usage of organizational processes and templates. This includes hand-holding, just-in-time training, coaching, mentoring, providing feedback, etc.