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Our Training

Training is a key element of ATKOTT's business.  As orgnization's undergo changes and improvements, training is key to establishing new behaviors and driving improved performance.  To meet this need ATKOTT both provides packaged training such as the CMMI Institute-Licensed Introduction to CMMI for Development and Services courses as well as designing and custom developing training to meet the client's specific needs. 

Introduction to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Course

The Introduction to CMMI course is a licensed delivery of the CMMI Institute's Introduction to CMMI course. This includes the Introduction to CMMI for Development or Services course as well as the 1-day Supplement Courses for CMMI for Services or Development. The Introduction to CMMI course is a three day course that introduces the participants to basic process improvement concepts and the content of the relevant CMMI model.  After attending the course, the participants are qualified to participate as official team members on a SCAMPI appraisal as well as take any follow-on courses offered by the CMMI Institute.  The course can accommodate up to 25 students as capped by the CMMI Institute.

A description of the course can be found on the CMMI Institute web site at and Course prices vary based upon number of students. Contact us for a quote.

Action Planning Workshop

An action planning workshop is useful to organziations initiating an improvement program or just completing an appraisal activity. The ATKOTT Action planning workshop is a customizable event to work with key organization stakeholders to review findings, brainstorm and prioritize actions. The end product of this workshop is an actionable plan for the organization to go off and implement. Workshop prices vary based upon the extent of the action planning activity and the needs of the organization. Contact us for a quote.

Custom Developed Courses

In addition to our standard set of courses, ATKOTT also develops custom and tailored courses based on specific client requests. Most courses are designed around the CMMI practices and their implementation but courses have also been developed on project management, statistical management techniques, measurement, quality assurance, organizational change and process development and maintenance. Contact us for a quote.